The Land of the Covenant

Storm-black skies of thunderclouds
had blinded eyes with sinful shroud,
and settled down amidst the proud,
who’d burned God’s temple to the ground.

The covenant people fell.

They killed the mouthpiece of the Lord,
who’d warned with his inspired words,
that soon, all men would meet the sword,
of justice, heretofore ignored.

The truth rejected by the land.

As saintly blood unjustly spilled,
cried out for vengeance unfulfilled,
From underneath Missouri’s fields,
and echoed thrice its claim appealed.

The Lord withdrew his hand.

The covenant broken, unretained,
By forcing men to live in chains,
Their freedom cry would be sustained,
By his familiar sacred name.

The covenant name of Abraham

And then the lightning struck with fire,
Dividing houses with God’s ire,
Fulfilling Joseph’s words inspired,
Repentance now would be required.

The time had come for Abraham.

To once again restore the land,
Dissevered by the sins of man.
God inspired the humble hands,
And bended knees of Abraham

Humility across the land.

The war-torn land of death and pain,
would kneel again, and sing refrains,
of humble praise, from sin abstain,
and serve the Lord their God again.

Repentant land of Abraham.

And now with blessing from on high,
Gods people now had heard the cry,
for freedom, that was once denied,
to men, who now had wings to fly.

Freed by father Abraham

Invoked anew this covenant land,
humbled by the Lord’s own hand,
A Nation forced to kneel, now stands!
God bless the name of Abraham!

Wednesday August 12, 2015

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