Borrowed Light

Why does God allow the pain
that comes from suffering?

Why must we now bear the weight
of lonesome sorrowing?

Why does life, when young and pure,
come to a sudden end?

When all the world is full of hate,
why take the innocent?

Why, when anger now invades,
Our hearts once filled with love,

Would God allow such tragedy
Unchecked- from high above?

Why not stop death’s sudden sting
And anguish in its wake?

And save us from a broken heart
that seems too much to take.

How are we supposed to heal,
With hearts torn open wide?

When not an ounce of peaceful light
seems to remain inside?


But light does come!
– in gentle waves,
from angels all around,

It kindly lifts, and soothes, and heals,
And peace, again, is found.

A warm embrace familiar still,
as we fall down in prayer,

Now comes from little angel arms!
To dampen our despair!

This borrowed light, from loving hearts,
Can fill our emptiness

in times when we are overcome.
It rescues hopefulness.


Our Father knows just how we feel,
with Godly empathy.

He’s felt the feelings in our hearts
His eyes see what we see.

He knows just how it feels to lose
A Perfect Child-
A Son.

To stretch into our “finished” selves,
Sometimes, we’re first “undone”.

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