When all my earthly days are past,
My mortal body free,
Myself, on full display at last,
unvarnished, will be seen-

My character, façade undone,
is now the only thing
to give- as I before the Son,
will be the offering.

Will I shrink with eyes down cast?
Or greet him face to face?
Will I weep with joy at last
in his secure embrace?

Or, will I fall before his feet,
In deference to my place
before him? Using tears to speak,
my gratitude for grace?

I contemplate just how I’ll feel,
when that great moment comes,
Will I stand? – Or fall and kneel
before my Holy One?

His life He gave- that I might stand
He shouldered all my pain
My debt with nail-marked feet and hands
He paid, that I might stay-

With him, and feel of His pure love
His life – A perfect gift!
His loving hand from high above,
reaches down to lift

And raise me, love me perfectly!
Despite my scars of sin.
Forgive me, Oh! so willingly!
If I but turn to Him.

So I accept, on bended knees,
This precious gift to me.
So He, in me, can be “Well pleased”,
Through all eternity.

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