dreams_by_whisperfall1Dream Dreams

When all the noise of day is gone and silence fills our ears,
Our mortal eyes at last we close, and daylight disappears.

And as we dream the dreams that mortal consciousness abates,
Our minds become the canvas where a masterpiece awaits!

We win! We sing! We save the world, with superhuman powers!
No limits to what’s possible! These precious dreaming hours!

We soar through space with ease of thought,
Just wishing- and it’s done!
We fly! defying gravity! Never tiring as we run.

But, sometimes we can see ahead, or we can sense or feel
A moment, person, or event that is, in truth, quite real.

But, when our sleepy eyes again perceive the light of day,
And wakefulness returns, our mortal limits are replaced.

But, even then, some special dreams endure our consciousness.
For they were placed there by design, to act as messages.

Of love, or of encouragement, to comfort or to teach.
Instructions given when the mortal mind is tough to reach!

In wakeful times the constant noise brings deafness to our ears,
But, dreams can be a wink from Heav’n
Reminding us it’s near.

Wednesday July 29, 2015

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