Up is Down

This world will say that up is down,
that perfect smiles are “special” frowns.

That right is wrong, and wrong is right,
The night is day, and day is night.

That sweet is bitter, wet is dry,
left is right, low is high-

The answer to this craziness,
is dedicated righteousness,

But far too many learned men,
would have us look away from Heav’n.

Where truth, real peace, and comfort lie,
Instead, we hear the desperate cries.

Of all the lost, throughout this land,
Who put their faith in Mammon’s hand.

What’s in, is out. And out, is in.
intolerance the only sin.

Where evil has a pretty face,
enticing into death’s embrace.

with chains that bind us quietly,
and lead us down so carefully.

He lies, deceives, to trick our eyes,
“All is Well!” is his disguise.

But we must keep our eyes ahead,
And heed the words our prophets said,

Defending what we know is right,
And face the wind! Steadfast! Upright!

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