The Sower

The Sower’s hand will send forth seeds to plant within the soil
But only fertile ground achieved by faith, and sweat, and toil,
Is ready to accept at once, and cultivate this seed,
And give it root, to firmly stand in opposition’s breeze.

And stony ground some seeds will find, and shoot up right away,
but rootless lives will prove short-lived in scorching heat of day.
And thorns that choke, and steal the light creep softly to the soil,
With pleasures, cares and riches do attempt our ground to spoil.

But we must till and cultivate our hearts just as the land,
In preparation for the touch, and love from Sower’s hands.
And with His living water, and His light, will start to grow-
His words – in fertile soil, wherein the Master’s seeds are sowed.

See Mathew 13:3-9

Wednesday May 20, 2015

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