mirageThe Mirage of Stuff

We hunt for treasure endlessly,
a brand new car, new phone, TV,
a bigger house, expensive clothes,
A fancy boat or quad, or both.

The race for all the nicest things,
does nothing but frustration bring,
And wastes the effort we invest,
to pile up treasure, to impress
the other racers in the game,
determined to do just the same.

The worldly treasures that we seek,
act as mirage, just out of reach,
that disappear as we draw near,
now dust, where diamonds once appeared.

For THINGS do not bring happiness-
but heart that’s proud and covetous,

But, BEING righteous, kind and true,
honest, faithful through and through,
Will lay up treasure that endures,
And Heaven’s mansions will be yours.

Sunday March 29, 2015

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