Sons of Thunder

Awake! O sons of thunder rise!
And pierce as lightning through black skies,
The darkest pitch, where evil lies,
Come fight! and hasten Hell’s demise!
Our captain calls us now!

He calls the weak, unlearned, despised,
To thresh the nations2! Heed His cry!
His Spirit strengthens, and gives flight,
To arrows sent by Heavens might.
Our captain calls us now!

Our faith, unyielding strength will be,
Lay waste the shirking enemies,
Below our feet3, crushed, cowering,
To feel Gods mighty angry sting!
Our captain calls us now!

Wo, to those who’ll face the fire,
Of righteous indignation’s ire4,
Kindled falsehoods from the liar,
Who fills man’s heart with false desire,
The Captain sees you now!

Come follow Him! God is His name!
Man of Holiness5 sustain,
Almighty God! His light proclaim!
And fill the earth o’er sea and plain!
Our Captain calls us now!

Rise up! and join with spear and sword!
Fighting wholly for our Lord!
Clash manfully6 of one accord!
Cut down, thresh evil untoward!
My Captain use me now!

For with His spirit in my veins,
My strength of arm no longer wanes,
His arm-my arm7, my King proclaimed!
Victory is thus obtained!
My captain with me now!

And as the liar is cut down,
How great his fall below the ground,
To gnash and wail, forever bound8,
His misery and doom compound.
The Captain beat him now!

And yet how great shall be the crown,
Atop our Captain’s Princely brow,
To rule and reign with great renown,
His power, glory, honor bound,
Our Captain! Praise Him now!

And now ascends His throne to reign,
Vanquish fear, and conquer pain,
To honor Father, and His name,
The holy throne is now His claim
Our Captain leads us now!

And we who fought for Him shall be,
Decorated lovingly,
Lifted high, and honored be,
Yet Worship Him on bended knee9.
Our captain, our King now!

He Reigns supremely! He has won!
He is the Father’s eldest Son,
Ordained on high to make “at one”,
So we below can overcome!
Our Captain, Savior now!

Come join the ranks! Make bare our sword!
Come battle for the Risen Lord!
Who gives us strength to well afford,
To strike down evil’s force deplored!
His light no longer be ignored,
That fuels the Gospel He restored,
Our God! our Captain now!

Saturday November 22, 2014

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