Aroha Te Oaoa was The eldest warrior queen,
who wed the eldest brother when his worth was yet unseen,
Her shield,the one deflecting fire spewed from the dragon tongue,
Her skill to see, protect, and love, instilled in her while young.

Her father, hidden grandmaster, of skill and weaponry,
A wise, and savvy warrior was, who taught in secrecy.
So from her youth, refined the skill, and natural it came,
To see the hidden writing and to see the hidden names,

Upon the shields and weapons of her closest family ties,
The grandmaster had given her the power of pure eyes.
Her eyes could see the hidden, potential, or deceit,
The truth she knew, could not be fooled, her knowledge pure, complete.

Her name interpreted direct, meant “Love and Happiness”,
And all who crossed her path would feel concern and tenderness,
But when confronted by the shadows from the evil one,
Her light that shone from heart and sword, burned bright, as midday sun.

Her sword developed as she grew, and thought, and wisdom gained
The writing on the hilt was clear, and soon it gained its name,
The name, its purpose, clear, concise, inspired from Gods above,
the writing on the hilt divine, its name was “Light and Love”

Her sword not meant for battle fierce, and enemies to maim,
but differed in its purpose true, to teach, inspire, and train.
For her young soldiers, young and new, were precious in her eyes,
Her sword did aid in training them, to her, they were the prize.

The four young soldiers, trained to see, what battle lie ahead,
the mist was drawn from their young eyes, clear truth placed there instead.
For light from sword and heart was giv’n, to each young girl and boy,
To brighten, show, to warn, help grow, to all their strength employ.

Her sword pure white of blinding flame, the hilt of silver leaf,
was kept, displayed, for all to see, in flawless crystal sheath.
For shadow could not be within her presence, nor abide,
for light dispensed them instantly, her power, lit inside.

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