Behold the land for man and beast to learn to prove their worth,
Created battlefield for war, of water, fire, and earth.
An ancient story rife with love and hate and battle fierce,
But meant to teach, inspire, give hope, hard hearts with love to pierce.

Chapter 1

Pure sunlight danced upon the peaks of mountains topped with snow,
above the valley’s cracks and chasms, mist of darkness’ flow.
For above the fire and smoke below, pure light was there to see,
Its warmth and brightness calms all fear, darkness’ chains cut free.

Below, in darkness, evil bound and dragged the souls of men,
and soft, unsure the pathways were, for all who dwelt therein.
Above, in light, the Gods inspired, and guided hearts of men,
With straight, and solid paths of stone, to lead them back again.

Before the days began there was a council of the Gods,
For then, mankind had not the skill nor power that it sought,
Two plans were laid before the Gods- first better than the last.
Battle raged, rebellious fiends rebuked, to darkness cast.

The minions worshipped foolishly the one who’s lies began
the battle for the souls and lives of all the sons of man.
They dwell below the surface, recessed cracks of earth and sod,
vicarious the war they wage with men against the Gods.

The Gods had sent man down amid calamity and pain,
To learn to be as they are now, experience to gain,
But man was never left alone, without his weapons true,
The Gods provided strength, lent power- for men, their will to do.

So thus the battle setting lay, far below the heavn’ly light,
Amid the smoky darkened waste, of sin, and blood, and hate,
To forge with dragon blood and fire, man’s mettle new and raw,
their swords meant to defend against, the mighty Dragon’s awe.

And now the story will be told, of battle, weapons drawn,
And raised against the Dragon, to expose his mighty flaw.
And all his imps and demons would meet power, strength, and might,
to wilt among the dying embers from the fiery fight.

The lineage vein, the family blood, was pure, and strong within,
They came, each one in their own time, to face the dragon’s sin.
The land was bleak and dark at times, but even through the mist,
a petitioned beam of God-sent light would render heaven’s kiss.

4 brothers born, down in the dark, their powers hidden deep,
within themselves, it grew unseen, unfelt, a dormant sleep.
4 other warrior women sent to that embattled land,
would have a mighty role to play, within the Master’s plan.

4 Sisters then would come along, and within the fight soon be,
Augmenting, shielding, training sons and daughters tirelessly.
For battle comes and forces all to join or shirk the fight,
To cower low in fire and dust, or fight for truth and light!

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